Reconnecting with My Muse

A muse with a harp in a field
Curved arrow pointing up to John. I mean, not literally her, but, you know, yeah.

I didn’t realize this for a long time, but there’s something missing, almost sad for me about having other people fielding all of the customer support.

For me as the creator, doing customer support is this wonderful, life-giving experience that reconnects me again and again to the why behind the work. I get to hear first hand of their experiences, and people are overwhelmingly kind in their appreciation for what I’ve created.

When there’s confusion? It’s an opportunity to see a part of CA through fresh eyes, which commonly has me make a change to make it better for everyone.

When there’s frustration, or a complaint? Same deal: I can’t help but engage with the issue through the lens of “well what might I change to make it better?”

When there’s a request of “could you make it be able to do this?” I get direction of how I might evolve it.

What you’re “supposed” to do is have some intermediary filter all that, so that the “creative forces” within the company can stay focused. But I don’t find that a problem. I rather enjoy getting the unfiltered feedback from folks, and still have plenty of space to do great work, mentally and on the clock.

I find empowering coaches inspiring. :)
At your service.