I Prefer the Old Fashioned Way of Doing Business

I don’t care much for the newfangled way that you’re “supposed” to run a tech business.

You know the playbook: take lots of investor dollars, grow fast in a mad dash for all the eyeballs, operate at a loss to win your way to monopolistic lock-in, and then get your unicorn valuation hallelujah IPO exit.

I find that model repulsive.

Here’s the old fashioned way of doing business that I like:

  • Make a product.
  • Make it good enough that you can charge a fair price for it.
  • Earn customers by delivering value above what you charge.
  • Grow based on those dollars in from actual customers (rather than dumb money looking to get more).

I do not seek an exit strategy. I’m building a company that is both sustainable and enjoyable to run. If I sell CoachAccountable, it simply cannot make the impact that I intend for it to make.

“What’s wrong, John? Did investors pass you by?”

Hahah, no. Dumb money is very interested in what’s going on here at CoachAccountable. CoachAccountable has zero interest in dumb money (or even the smart, strategic money, for that matter).

I’d rather build something great, and have it thrive based on its own merits, rather than by some capital infusion.

Speaking of thriving based on its own merits, I don’t even dabble in advertising. If you’re here, having heard about CoachAccountable, you probably didn’t hear it from me. I’m not QUITE of the mindset of that zinger, that advertising is like sex (only losers pay for it), but...

It’s much more likely you heard about CA from a colleague who was already a fan, or because you went looking for a platform and it came up in your search. I never hired any SEO firm, either: I’ve just been telling the story of what CA’s about and the search engines picked up what they picked up.

The only reason anybody cares about CoachAccountable is because it’s good. Not because I paid someone money to convince them, and not because of who I'm connected to.

That’s how I like it.

Just having a good time helping coaches.
At your service.