Can I coach myself?

Yes, you can! 

If you haven't yet set up a Freebie, adding a new Client, prompts the system to ask you if you want to turn that client into a freebie client. 
This client does not count towards your subscription plan (it's free) and is useful for experimentation and self-coaching purposes.  Also, since the freebie client is an actual client, you can log in as that client, and see things from the client side. 

After you've created your Freebie client, you can click your name at the top right and go to 'Switch Accounts...' to select 'My Freebie Client account'
Once set up you can easily switch between your Coach and Freebie client accounts and test things out as a client and assign things to yourself such as Actions to get things done, a Metric to track a personal/business goal for yourself, perhaps even keep a Journal.

Note, your Freebie must and will always be linked to your Coach account (to remain a freebie client).