When (and When NOT) to Use Course Pages

To use or not to use, that is the question!

Here are some tips to guide you in determining whether or not it would be fitting to design your Courses to use Course Pages.

A Series of Sequential Lessons: Big Yes

Generally speaking, Course Pages are for when you have a genuine structure of lessons (or modules, or units, or participatory steps, or…) that progresses in sequential fashion.

If that resembles your Course, then Course Pages are the way to give your clients a great experience of working through that content.

File Dump: No (Probably)

A common use of Courses is to quickly and easily dump a bunch of “standard” items into a client’s account.  This might be, for example, to quickly share an essential library of files, or setup a core set of Metrics that every client generally tracks.  


This is one facet of what we call the Starter Kit Course, and while useful it’s a poor candidate for a Course Page experience (because all those items AREN’T meant to be perused in sequential fashion).


Onboarding Sequence: Yes

By contrast, another use for Starter Kit Courses is as a sort of orientation or sequence of first steps to get going.  THAT usage, marked by a client working through some materials and assignments in sequential fashion, is PERFECT for Course Pages.


File Dump + Onboarding Sequence Combo: Maybe  

So, what if you have a course that does both?  Well, you have two options:


Split the Course into two separate courses: One for dumping in items and the other for your client to work through.  This is probably the safest bet and easiest to manage and setup without making mistakes or encountering gotchas.


Make it a Combo: If you’re feeling confident in your CoachAccountable course building kung fu, you can do a fancy hack which is to combine the two.  Remember that note about how items that precede the very first Course Section item never appear on a Course Page (because they don’t belong to any section)?  You can use that fact to your advantage by adding all the “dump in” items prior to the first section, and then make an elegant sequence of content and assignments in the sections that follow.


Regular Check-In Worksheet: No

Another common use of Courses is to deliver a regular check in or tracking Worksheet on a routine basis, most often to have the numbers reported in that Worksheet pipe into Metrics.  


This would be a POOR use for Course Pages, because perusing a Course that was little more than a lengthy sequence of the same Worksheet over and over probably wouldn’t be useful or satisfying.  (Especially because it’s might nicer to flip through past Worksheets in the Worksheets >> Past tab.)