Why did I get logged out of my coach account?

Occasionally, you might get logged out unexpectedly, or be on your coach account and then suddenly be in your "freebie client" account. 

Here are two reasons this may be happening:
1.) You have the same browser open doing multiple things. Your coach account was open, and then you also tried to log in as your freebie client in a new window. Then you clicked back in your coach account and the system said "hey, you're not a coach, you're logged in as this client" and redirected you accordingly. 

Try logging into your coach and client accounts one at a time, or use two different browsers (e.g. FireFox logged in as a coach, Chrome logged in as your freebie client) or a private/incognito browser window.

2.) For security reasons, the system will log you out automatically if you are inactive for a while. Just log in again.