Connecting Zoom to Multiple Accounts

If you've got more than one CoachAccountable account, and are trying to connect each of them to your one Zoom account, it's unfortunately not going to go well.

CA has no problem with it.  But whether a bug or something intentional (and we might sardonically assume that it's intentional for biz dev reasons :), Zoom will ALWAYS and automatically sever the connection with one CA account when you try to connect it to another.


One obvious workaround is to connect a distinct Zoom account for each of your CA accounts.  This of course is obviously hardly ideal, for who wants to pay for two of them?

Another is to skip using the Zoom connection, either altogether or for all but one of your accounts that you can connect.  In lieu of having CA create Zoom meetings for your Appointments, you can use your unchanging Personal Zoom Room URL for your Appointments.

Just paste that URL in the location field of any Appointment Type and/or individual Appointment that it is fitting, and THAT URL will be clickable for easy access for you and your client, from reminders, calendar syncs, etc.

Pasting a Zoom link there will have things work just as if CA had generated a unique, meeting-specific one via the Zoom connection, so this can work well (if not be an outright favorable alternative!).

I suppose a 3rd workaround to this would be to complain about this issue to Zoom.  That could ultimately yield the most elegant solution, but is apt to take a while. :)