How can prospective clients schedule a free discovery call?

CA supports prospective clients scheduling themselves with you for a free discovery call by way of Offerings, which can be found and set up in Business Center >> Setup >> Offering Config.

You'll create an Offering, have the scheduling of an Appointment be a component of that Offering, and you'll then share the link to that Offering with prospective clients however you like, be it:
  • emailed or texted to an individual who has expressed interest,
  • as a link from your email newsletter,
  • as posted on your social media,
  • or embedded as a widget on your own website.
Any which way makes it possible for your prospective clients to schedule that free discovery call.

You can even make an intake form (including any suitable qualifying questions you may see fitting to add) part of the sign up process for your clients in this way.  To do that, you'll first create a Worksheet Template that has whatever questions you'd like prospects to be presented by, and then make that Worksheet a component of your Offering.

"Do clients who sign up for a free discovery call count towards my subscription plan?"

Yes. they do.

If you're interested in knowing why, and how much that actually costs, read on.

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