Client Invoicing

CoachAccountable allows you to create and send invoices and receipts to your clients. 

To configure your Client Invoicing, head to your Business Center >> Setup >> Invoicing Config

Here you'll setup:
Once things are set up, you'll be able to see and manage your client invoicing in Business Center >> Invoicing, which is broken into several sections.

Outstanding Invoices

Here you'll be able to create a new invoiceschedule future invoicesre-send invoices, record payments, and search for outstanding invoices, filtering by your clients or a team member's clients.

Screenshot of the Outstanding Invoices listing

Search Invoices

Here you can search for an invoice by client name or by invoice number. Narrow your search by using a specific date range, and click the gear icon to determine whether you want inactive clients included in the search. Click the search button to get your results. 


The Accounts tab shows a summary of your client invoices, including total billed, total paid, and outstanding. Note that you'll see both individual clients and Company accounts here.

Click on each column header to sort clients. You can also create invoices here by clicking the +Invoice button.

Screenshot of the search invoices UI.


You have several reports that help you keep track of invoicing, and can be filtered by date range and can include inactive clients if desired. These reports can be downloaded to CSV.  

You can also do a complete Export that comes in handy for your accountant or to import into your accounting software of choice.

Recurring Invoices

If you're looking to create a series of recurring invoices, split payments over time, or process payments automatically, you'll be using Engagements.

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