Starter Kit Courses

Consider the following scenarios:
  • Nutrition and wellness coaches routinely have their clients track things like weight, exercise, and dietary intake.
  • Real estate office managers training their agents on performance will often be concerned with typical metrics like appointments, touch points, and showings.
  • Business development coaches commonly start their clients with a standard action plan which has owners taking stock of their operations and getting generally prepared for the process.
In these cases (and many more) it is common for a coach to have a standard set of Metrics and/or assignments that applies to every new client they onboard.

CoachAccountable Courses provides a way to quickly set up new clients according to these standard templates using what are called “Starter Kit Courses”.

A “Starter Kit” course is simply a one day course which contains all of the items that are part of a standard setup for a new client.  Here’s what a Starter Kit course might look like for a fitness coach:


Once created, onboarding a new client is as simple as putting that client into the Starter Kit course, set to begin today:


If you’re starting up multiple clients at once, quickly add them all by clicking the “Actually I want to add several participants…” link.

Upon adding, the system will immediately dispatch the items for Day 1 of that course, and thus the client will be set up with all of the items that they should be to get started.

Notice how each item is set to send out early in the day, 5am.  The exact time isn’t important: you just want it to be at such a time that, at the time at which you add a client to the course, the items’ sending time has already passed (thus they’ll be put with your client immediately).

Click over to the client’s page and sure enough you’ll find the items all set up:

Courses are nice general-purpose tools for automating the delivery of coaching programs.  A Starter Kit Course is just a special case of Courses in general: a 1-day mechanism to deliver a few setup items.

If you have standard things that go out to all of your new clients, try setting those up as a Starter Kit Course.  And who knows, after playing around with that for a few minutes you might find you have reason to build an even longer and more complex course from that–just add more days to the timeline and see how much structured support you can add over the long term for your clients.