Engagements & Offerings

Offerings are a great way to sell coaching packages right from your website.

By making an Engagement part of your Offering, you can effectively sell a package of coaching sessions, AND make payment plan options available to your clients.

To make an Engagement part of your Offering, visit the Engagement Component, tick the box, and choose one of your Engagement Templates:

Engagements (and Engagement Templates) can entail an Invoicing Plan.  That plan consists of price, recurrence (if any), and an optional delay in when the first invoice should be issued.

If you choose an Engagement Template that entails an immediate invoice, THAT will determine the price of the Offering (rather than risk the redundancy of having a price tag for the Offering AND an immediate invoice for the Engagement!).

The "entails immediate invoice..." portion of the Engagement Template hints when this is the case.  When one such template is chosen, the Price controls for the Offering update accordingly:


If you have Stripe or Square set as your payment processor, you'll see an additional option on the Price page:
When your Offering consists of an Engagement that entails multiple invoices, it might be a good idea to require the client's credit card be stored on file for future invoices (i.e. the "Always do so" option as seen above).  This is a great way to ensure you'll not be chasing down your clients to collect on invoices if it's a subscription or installment payment plan you're offering.  If you use this, however, we suggest you make note of that specifically in the Offering's description, so as to be extra-transparent and respectful of your new clients.

Payment Options: Installment Plans Available!

Maybe you want to offer your clients options for a given coaching package: an installment plan or pay it all up front (and get a discount for it).  To do this you would create an Offering Collection consisting of Offerings, each of which with their own pricing rules (given by the different Engagement Templates each is respectively tied to).

In this example, you'd just set up one Offering paid monthly and a nearly-identical Offering paid all upfront, add a little description of how it's going to work, and create the Collection.


Here's how that collection would look as a widget on your website:



Your clients get to choose the one they prefer, and CoachAccountable handles the rest.  With payments on autopilot you're both better able to focus on the coaching.