Availability Exceptions

If you have other things going on which can get in the way of your typical weekly availability, you can let CoachAccountable know about them. Doing so allows CoachAccountable to prevent double bookings by preventing your clients from picking appointment times when you're not available. 

You can do this by syncing directly with your GoogleOutlook, or Apple iCal and blocking time off right on your calendar. 

It is also preferable that you set up Alternate Availability right from Settings >> Appointment Config >> Typical Availability for the set time you need to block.

However, you may still want to add availability exceptions manually. To do so, go to Settings >> Appointment Config >> Calendar Sync then click Sync with something else! 

The tab Calendar Subscriptions will show calendars that are pulling your availability (how to import calendars). 

To manually make yourself unavailable, head to the Manually block out time tab. 

Click + Exception to manually block out time by selecting a date and time range or closing off availability for an entire day.