Using Your Personal Zoom Room for Appointments

Everyone with a Zoom account has their own "Personal Zoom Room".  You can find it within your Zoom account (at zoom.us) under Personal >> Meetings >> Personal Room.

This Zoom room is located at an unchanging URL that can be the meeting place for any appointment.  It's secured by the waiting room, so it's not a problem to have that be the place you conduct multiple appointments (i.e. anyone who joins has to be expressly let in by you as host).

If you want to use your Personal Zoom room for some or all of your appointments as scheduled in CA, you can, and in going that direction you may find you don't need to actually connect your Zoom account at all (which is useful specifically for scheduling unique Zoom meetings for your appointments).

To use your Personal Zoom Room for your CA Appointments, the trick is to put the personal room URL as the Location field and then that will work just like individual meetings scheduled via the Zoom integration.

Put it in as the Location for an Appointment Type, and then every Appointment you schedule based on that type will have that as the location field.

Magically, then, that URL will go out in notifications, be clickable in-app, and appear as the clickable location as synced to everyone's calendar, yours and clients, JUST LIKE those set via the Zoom integration.

There are some tradeoffs, but for many scenarios (and you should evaluate this for yourself!) there are no downsides to this alternative to using the more formal integration.