Worksheets are CoachAccountable's way of letting you create and manage written assignments and forms for your clients. Worksheets have the ability to set Remindersuse forms, and review completed Worksheets all from within CoachAccountable.

Worksheet Templates are accessed by clicking Library >> Worksheet Templates.

Types of Worksheets

There are two types of Worksheets. The first is a free-response Worksheet. These allow clients to fill them out in a completely free-style manner, completely editable by the client. 

The example below uses blanks to indicate spaces for the client to answer the questions:
screen_shot_2021-07-23_at_1.43.35_pm.pngThe second is a form-based Worksheet, which is a Worksheet that contains any number of forms (dropdowns, checkboxes, radio buttons, etc.). Input is restricted to the forms within that Worksheet, nowhere else.
screen_shot_2021-07-23_at_1.47.32_pm.pngIn the above example, clients would only be able to fill in the text boxes and check off the checkboxes. Clients would not be able to type freely in this Worksheet.

For a bit on the editor used to fill out and create Worksheets, check out this article on the WYSIWYG.

Create and edit Worksheet Templates to speed up Worksheet assignment. 

How to Assign a Worksheet

To assign a Worksheet for a given client, click the plus sign next to the Worksheets tab, or click + Worksheet

The Worksheets tab has three sections found at the top: Assigned, Completed, and ScheduledScheduled shows upcoming Worksheets that you've schedule for a future date or those that are being assigned by a Course.
Worksheet assignments come with due dates. To make sure due dates get followed, you can set email or SMS text Reminders for your Worksheets. Worksheet Reminders contain a link that brings a client straight to their Worksheet, ready for them to work on. 

Clients can save their progress at any time. Once a client is finished with the Worksheet, clicking Complete will mark the Worksheet done and ready for your review. Upon review, if you don't think the Worksheet is complete for any reason, simply unmark it complete.

Worksheets are a flexible tool within CoachAccountable, allowing you to translate existing program materials, as well as come up with new assignments to collect valuable feedback and data from your clients. 

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