Pasting From Other Sources

Sometimes you want to paste content into CA from other sources.  For example, this is handy to take advantage of content already created.  You can!

BUT often times content from other sources is formatted in a way that is at odds with the native styling of CA, or not compatible with having to be rendered in both regular and dark mode (for you or your clients).

As such, CA will generally strip out some elements of whatever formatting is present in the content you're pasting from elsewhere.

This usually works well, but sometimes compromises what you'd expect.

One way to hedge against this AND ensure that whatever formatting you're putting into CA will be web-friendly and consistent with the in-app design, is to do a plaintext paste.

Plaintext Pasting

Pasting your content as plaintext allows you to indicate that "whatever I've got on my clipboard, I'd like to paste in just the words WITHOUT any formatting".

That way you can quickly re-add whatever formatting you like, using the native, in-app WYSIWYG tools (which are guaranteed to work and be compatible on all devices and display modes).

To do a plaintext paste:
  • On Windows: CTRL + Shift + V
  • On Mac: ⌘ + Option + Shift + V