Printing CA Screens

Would you like to print something from CA, either into a PDF or a physically printed item?

Press Alt+Shift+P on your keyboard, and the system will smartly load up for printing whichever section you've currently got open. 

When you have one or more pop-up windows open, the system will print the topmost one. When you're looking at a given section on, say, a client page, the system will print the visible one out. 

It won't work for all sections (for example, one that has a card listing of items isn't really fitting for a print job), but should work in areas you expect it to. 

Also, in Past Appointments, you can click the Print button (next to "Download as CSV") to generate a nice tidy report of past appointments and print to PDF or through your printer. 

Note that this Alt+Shift+P trick may only work for English language keyboards.