Resource Package Tips and Answers

A few things to keep in mind as you create and share your Resource Packages.

Where Do These Items Go?

Each type of item goes to its respectful location. Courses go into your Courses area, Agreement Templates go into your Agreement Templates, and so on. 

Changes You Make

If you make a change to a package, such as adding resources, it won't affect people who have already installed that package. They'll have just what was in the package at the time they added it. If you make those changes, though, you can send the link out again to those same people. They'll receive only the added material.

You cannot remove resources from other people's accounts. If you remove an item from a Resource Package, future people who install it won't see that removed item, but anyone who already has it has it.

Similarly, you can't remove an installed Resource Package, in whole or in part, from another user's account.

Intellectual Property

When a package is shared, those resources exist fully in the other account. That means the other coach can make changes or additions to those items you've provided. How, then, can you protect your intellectual property?

We recommend that you address all intellectual property concerns with whatever contracts you and the other coaches set up. Ensure that you've explicitly stated what you consider 'open source', available for others to use and adapt as they like, and what you require to stay intact and unedited (including with or without attribution to you as the creator of that material). If this is part of a franchise business, does the other coach need to stop using your material if selling the franchise? We recommend having an attorney review all this to ensure you're covered in the way you want to be.

Already-Installed Resources

If someone is installing a package but already has some of your resources (say, for instance, in the 'changes' section above), only the new resources will be added.

When to NOT Use Resource Packages

If you want to maintain some oversight of these other coaches and how they use your resources, these packages aren't the way to go. Instead, you'll want to set up a Team Edition account, where those coaches are part of your team. Similarly, if you promise a certain type of coaching with your model and you want to ensure that's being delivered upon, a Team Edition account would work best (and you can utilize things like the Coach Touchpoints Report to help). Likewise, if you want the ability to cut off access to these resources at any time, a Team Edition account will be your choice (you'll simply deactivate a coach who is no longer working with you; without access to their account, that coach won't see those resources).