Worksheet Templates

Templates are your collection of stock worksheets common to your style/methodology/programs. 

Your account comes preloaded with templates that serve as examples of how you might create your own. You’re welcome to use them as is, modify them to better suit your style, or delete them outright.

To access your Worksheet Templates, navigate to Library >> Worksheet Templates. Here, you'll see your current Templates. 

Select + Worksheet Template to create a new Template:

Towards the bottom of the window, you'll see an option to allow your clients to fill out the worksheet on their own without first assigning it to them.  

If you are using Team Edition, you'll also see the option to share the template with other coaches.

The icons on the bottom right allow you to print, clone, and delete the Template. Hit Save when you're finished, and your Worksheet Template is ready to be assigned.

Worksheet Template Folders


To put a template into a folder, drag and drop the template into the folder. Drag and drop a template into the Up bar to move it out of a folder.  Note: If you leave the folder empty and refresh it, the system will remove it by design.

To rename a folder, double-click the folder's name, which appears next to "Home."

You can view the templates and folders as thumbnails or in a tree view. To toggle between views, click the icon next to the +Folder button.

Deleting Template Folders

To delete a folder, remove all the items from that folder, then refresh the page. The empty folder will be deleted.