Issuing Agreements

Once you create one or more Agreement templates, they're ready to issue to your clients, new and existing. You can issue an agreement in two ways: initially upon adding a client, and subsequent issuing to existing clients.

For a New Client

You’ll see Agreements as part of the dialogue for adding a new client. Choose from your Agreement Templates and customize as desired.

newclientagreement.pngThe Agreement you issue to a new client will be presented as part of their account registration (i.e. when they choose their username and password).  If you issue multiple Agreements (see the “For existing clients” section below for how), the first one you issued will be presented as part of the registration process and subsequent ones will be presented right after.  That said, multiple agreements for a new client just getting started might be a bit overwhelming… so even though you can do it, we don’t recommend it!


For Existing Clients

Bring up the client’s Client Manager pop up (found by clicking the gear icon in the lower right for a given client in the “Clients” listing) and you’ll see, in the left menu, a section called “Agreements”.


Click on that, and then click “Issue new...”, and you’re presented with a dropdown menu of your Agreement Templates. Clicking the Customize... button allows you to add or change anything that’s specific to this one person.


Issue it, and the client will be presented with that Agreement the next time they access the system.  They’ll not be able to do anything else in the system until they complete the Agreement.