Coordinating with Other Schedulers

If you use another scheduling system (e.g. Acuity, Calendly, etc.) in addition to CA, you may be wondering how to link or integrate those systems with your CA scheduling.

Here's the way:

There is no direct integration between CA and those other apps, because there doesn't need to be.  CA scheduling offers many benefits for scheduling with your established clients, and other, more commodity schedulers are great for scheduling with people who are not.  So it can make sense to use both, with the understanding that each serves their respective, largely non-overlapping usage.

If you use both, to have them coordinate there is only to be certain that both are synced with the same calendar.  Specifically this will be whichever one serves as the single source of truth around when you're busy and when you're not.

When you do this, both CA and your other scheduler with publish your appointments to that calendar, and read from it to know exactly when you are and aren't free to avoid double booking.

That way both will fill up your calendar with whatever they schedule, and neither will accidentally double book over appointments scheduled by the other.

That'll do it!