How do I sync with Acuity, Calendly, ScheduleOnce?

You may use other scheduling systems for your appointments and wonder how you can sync CoachAccountable with those systems. Here's how to do that - and a consideration to think on first.

Do You Need Two Scheduling Systems?

If you're switching over to CoachAccountable for scheduling your coaching appointments, you may very well want to drop Acuity, Calendly, ScheduleOnce, or other systems. Why?
  • They're usually an additional cost.
  • They may not sync with your Zoom account.
  • They can't send pre-session and post-session Worksheets to be filled out right here in the system.


And why do some coaches keep two systems?
They use CoachAccountable for coaching appointments, and the other system for other types of appointments. 

If you've decided to keep two scheduling systems for now, here's how to get CoachAccountable synced up properly.

First, Sync Your Other System with Your Calendar

The first step is syncing your other system with your calendar of choice (whether that's Google, Outlook, or Apple iCal). Unfortunately, this is the part we can't help with - you'll do that from within the other app.

You'll know it's working properly if your appointments from that system are showing up in your Google (or Outlook or iCal) calendar as expected. For instance, if Client A booked with you in ScheduleOnce, you see "Appointment with Client A" as expected in your Google calendar. 

Then, Sync CoachAccountable with Your Calendar

Finally, sync CoachAccountable with that same GoogleOutlook, or Apple iCal calendar. CoachAccountable will then see those other appointments and automatically know you're busy. Clients will thus not be offered spots that are at the same time. 

Likewise, any appointments you create in CoachAccountable will show in your calendar, which will tell the other scheduling software you're busy and unavailable at those times.