Coach Signatures on Agreements

Given that Agreements are often ripe for client to sign, you might wonder if it's possible for coach as well to have a place to put their signature.

As a document to execute, only the client to whom it has been issued can fill any of the bits out, so it's not possible to create a signature area for coach to sign separately.

So how to include a coach's signature?

As Agreements are unilaterally drafted and issued by the coach for a client, it can be considered a foregone conclusion that the issuing party does indeed agree to it.

This being the case, a suitable workaround is for the coach to upload an image of their signature and insert it as fitting into the agreement.  (This can be done for the Agreement Template itself, or when customizing an Agreement just prior to issuing).

With this in place prior to actually issuing the Agreement, that tees up the final document to contain both party's signatures.