Does the system integrate with Skype or Zoom?

Yes! CoachAccountable does integrate with Zoom. Here's how to set that up.

If you use another videoconferencing solution, there are a couple of ways of making it easier for you and your clients to incorporate video conferencing into your CoachAccountable workflow:

Location and Description

When setting up an appointment type, you can put extra information that will show up on a client's appointments widget and -- if a client has their CA appointments feed linked to their external calendar (google cal, etc.) -- the actual event invite. This is a perfect place to put video meeting information. Whenever you or a client schedules an appointment, the information will be right there for easy access.


Whiteboards are a great place to put video meeting information, especially if you or your team use a persistent meeting link. You could have a Whiteboard dedicated to general information about your program and CoachAccountable that you always want your client to easily refer back to. To create a Whiteboard for a client, click the plus sign next to Whiteboards, or click +Whiteboard.