Can more than one coach use one account?

CoachAccountable was designed to have one coach account represent only one person.

The system wasn't designed to support multiple users on one account, in that there's no way for one account to have multiple email addresses or SMS text numbers, and there's no clean method to separate identities. 

There are inherent security risks to sharing any login information with more than one person; thus, we highly recommend against it.

If people end up sharing a login, you won't know who did what and when with a high degree of accuracy. If you're both logged in at the same time, there's a risk of overwriting each other's work if you're both interacting with the same item at the same time.

Our Team Edition is designed for organizations with more than one coach, as it allows the team account owner to pair each coach up with certain clients and set permissions regarding what a coach can or can't do in the system.

There is no additional charge for using Team Edition, and thus only upsides to using it!