My Account

On the My Account page, you can set various preferences and change aspects of your account.

User Profile

Set your basic details here. Add or change your profile headshot. Change your name, email address, phone number, physical address, and gender. You can also change other basic details regarding your account, such as your time zone, date format, and time format.

These details won't necessarily show to clients - you can choose what clients see in Settings >> My Profile.

Message Preferences

Here's where you let us know how you'd like us to contact you about CoachAccountable webinars, new features, and news. We don't contact you often, but want to make sure we're updating you in the way you prefer.


View your current CoachAccountable subscription, storage usage, and date of your next invoice. Upgrade or downgrade your package if your number of active clients is changing. 

Account Type

Switch between a single coach account and a Team Edition account here. 

Add Ons

Turn some CoachAccountable features on and off. Use this to simplify your account. All of these features come at no extra charge. 

Billing Information

Here's where you update the credit or debit card you'd like us to charge for your monthly CoachAccountable subscription. You can also add further information that may be required by any accounting departments or authorities in your location. 


Find copies of your past CoachAccountable subscription invoices here. 

Transfer Ownership

If you have a Team Edition account and wish to make someone else the owner of your account, you may designate that new owner here.

Export Data

Export all of your files and all of your data at any time.

Cancel Account

Straightforward, no-nonsense cancellation.

Referral Program

Sign up for, and view progress in, the CoachAccountable Referral Program.