Logo and Icons

Here's a short video showing how to add your logo and icons.

Click any logo or icon to change it. If a logo or icon doesn't look right when you upload it, try adjusting the size to fit the suggested pixels.

Top Bar Logo

  • Appears centered at the top of the system when logged in. 
  • Matted on white, OR on your primary color if you turn Bright Top Bar off (see Color Scheme).
  • Suggested size: 154 px wide by 50 px tall (308 x 100 for high-res).

Dark Mode Top Bar Logo

If you choose to use CoachAccountable's Dark Mode, this is where you'll set the logo for that.  
  • Appears centered at the very top when logged in here.

  • Matted on nearly black and so we recommend something that will look good on that.

  • Suggested size: 154 pixels wide by 50 pixels tall (308 x 100 for high-res)

Regular Logo

  • Appears on custom login page and certain email templates
  • Matted on white
  • Suggested size: 126 px wide by 78 px tall (256 x 156 for high-res).

App Icon