Why are my Worksheet links not working?

When you add at least one-form to a Worksheet, it's now a form-based Worksheet instead of a non-form based Worksheet.

When it's not a form-based Worksheet, clients experience the content of the Worksheet in WYSIWYG mode.  It's a place for freely editing. As such everything's geared towards editing the document rather than interacting with the functionality. 

When it's Form-based, the Worksheet content is not editable save for the actual form items, so links are clickable instead of editable.

So if you'd like links to be clickable without being editable, the Worksheet needs to have at least one form item in it. 

However, this may affect how you've designed your Worksheets, since if you had designed them to be filled out freestyle then adding a form item will prevent clients from doing so (since they'd be restricted to filling out forms). A bit of re-working needs to take place where form elements are added as places for clients to respond.