Getting clients to love CA

CoachAccountable is designed to be a complete experience for coach and client, with the intended goal being to make the coaching relationship better for both parties. This comes with the assumption that coaches AND clients use the system. Due to a number of reasons: lack of familiarity, aversion to technology in general, the hesitance that comes with trying anything new, clients might not use the system as much as you'd like, or how you'd like.

Fortunately, we've noticed a number of things one can do that increases the likelihood that clients not only use the system, but embrace it and love it.

Clients should know that you're a fan, a big fan

To start, we've noticed that clients who take to the system do so because the coaches themselves are fans of the system. More importantly, these coaches communicate to the clients that using the system is an important part of their coaching experience. Some coaches even pitch CoachAccountable as an "added bonus" clients receive as part of their coaching program, and talk about the ease and convenience that online software will afford them.

There's something to be said about letting your clients know about the benefits of using software and how it'll make their lives easier.

Setting up your branding deals with this intrinsically. Branding the software as your own goes a ways into letting your clients know that your coaching + this software go hand-in-hand.

Communicate HOW you want your clients to use the system

Related to this, coaches should have an idea of how they'd like their clients to use the system, and be able to communicate this to their clients. Clarity is key here. If you expect clients to be more of an active user, one that makes their Actions, Worksheets, Metrics, and is active in Journaling, make that clear. If you expect clients to be more passive, only interacting with CA via the various notifications and email reminders that get sent out, that's fine as long as it's clearly communicated.

A bit can be said about selling the process here. For example, the more passive type of usage can be billed as a simple, time-friendly way to interact with the software. Many clients are busy, and this is the perfect way to improve results but also keep actual software usage time to a minimum.

Communicating that the system is important, as well as how to use it, can be done in many ways. Aside from your personal interactions via actual client calls, there are many opportunities within CA. 


Some coaches use a Whiteboard as a persistent reference.

Welcome Screencast Video

Some coaches record screencast videos of themselves as clients, clicking around the system and talking about the experience. None of this needs to be long -- the best ones are relatively short and to the point (videos less than 1 minute). Here's a script and example video we created for you to help with the process.

A Simple Course

Starter Kit Courses are also great for onboarding new clients so that they hit the ground running.

Metrics, Metrics, Metrics

Another important thing is to set up at least one or two Metrics for your clients. If you're not sure what to track, you can ask them. Metrics are important because they make progress real for your clients. Metrics basically take your coaching, and the impact that you make, and turn it into numbers that your clients see. This is exciting stuff and should be communicated to the clients as such. Clients should know that Metrics is a way of showing that the coaching that they're paying money for is having a tangible impact in their lives. 

Happenings Reports

The Stream allows a client to view a record of their work within the system. It does its job well, but still requires the client to log in and actually click into the Stream tab.
Especially for clients that seem to interact with CA only via email, Happenings Reports can be a nice way of showing them their progress without logging in. 


Having an automated email summary of what they've been up to can certainly be a delight. More on Happenings Reports here.

Everything discussed above assumes a certain amount of proficiency in CoachAccountable -- in other words, knowing the tools that exist and how to use them. Understanding the system well and being able to communicate its benefits increases the likelihood clients embrace the system. If you'd like to increase your proficiency with the system, start with this recorded webinar on Setting Up Your CoachAccountable Account Like a Pro.