My logo doesn't look right; what should I do?

First, check your file size. If your logo file is too large, it may not load (images uploaded must be less than 8MB).  

Top Bar Logo Recommended Size

Using a top bar logo sized 308x100 pixels is recommended. If your logo doesn't have those dimensions, it will be resized to fit and matted on white (or black, if you're using Dark Mode).

Regular Logo Recommended Size

Using a regular logo sized 252x156 pixels is recommended. This is the logo that displays on your emails.

App Icon Recommended Size

Using an app icon sized AT LEAST 270x270 pixels is recommended. This should be a square, and is the logo that displays on the browser tab as well as on mobile devices when the app shortcut is installed.

Other Helpful Tips

  • Logos should be suitable to display on a white background (or a black background if you're using Dark Mode).
  • The system accepts .jpg, .gif, or .png files.
  • The image file should be RGB mode; one in CYMK might not be able to upload properly.
  • Some .gif files when resized by our system will be matted on black rather than white (you'll know because black bars show on the edges).  If this happens to you simply save it as a jpg and try again.