Managing Participants

Once you've built your Course, it's time to put it to use!  By that I mean putting your clients into the Course as participants, to experience and get value from what you've created.

There is a lot of flexibility you have when it comes to managing course participants, including:
  • Starting them now
  • Scheduling them to start later
  • Pausing
  • Rewinding
  • Fast forwarding
  • Stopping
  • Customizing
Naturally, everything begins with setting up a client as a course participant in the first place.

Adding participants

Adding a participant is quick and easy, and offers a few options for flexibility.  Bring up the participant adder from the Courses section:
You can click either the icon button ( ) or the big "Add a participant' button, found under the Participants tab.

Either brings up the following dialog:

First there is to choose who you want to add as a participant.  This can be either one or more clients, or a Group.

By default, Courses are set to start immediately.  If desired you can designate a future start date.

If you choose to start the Course today, you can click the "Start at some point other than Day 1..." link to choose where in the Course you'd like the participant to start.  This is handy if, for example, someone is joining a program late and you'd like to easily jump them ahead.

You can also tweak the visibility setting for the Course: this defaults to the Course setting, and this is your chance to override that if necessary.

Warning: You can add a Group as the participant for your Course, but ONLY if the Course is Day-based: due to their self-paced nature, Groups cannot be added to Step-based Courses.

Tip: You can also bring up the adder from the Courses section of a given Client or Group Page.  When adding from a participant page, the participant is a foregone conclusion and thus not choosable.  Instead, you'll choose which Courses to add them to.

Modifying a Course Participation

To modify a Course Participation you'll need to bring up the editor pop up.  This can be done from the Participants listing of a given Course, as loaded into the right side panel.  Simply hover over the participant and click the edit icon that appears:
This can also be done from the Courses section of a Client or Group Page, like so:

In the pop up that appears, you'll see the various ways in which you can make changes to the in-progress participation:
These controls are by-and-large self explanatory, but do pay particular attention to the options concerning what to do with items when rewinding, fast forwarding, and stopping!  It's easy to make a bit of a mess if you get those wrong for what you intend, but by the same token such messages are generally easy to undo: just pay attention to the options.

If you pause the participation, simply revisit this pop up to manually un-pause, or change the scheduled resume date.

Customizing a course

You're able to customize the timeline of the Course for just this participant.  More about this here.

Stopping the Course Progression

This has the effect of removing the client from the Course entirely, including any records of their having been in it. You can choose whether the client keeps the Course items that have already been issued, or to delete them.  Being able to delete any course items from it is a great way to reset things, OR delete a lot that you didn't mean to, so be sure to get that option right!

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