Offerings Pricing

If you have an online payment processor by which CoachAccountable can accept payments on your behalf, you'll find the ability to set a price for your Offerings.


Here is what the options for setting that up look like:



As you can see, Offerings pricing can be set in one of three ways:

  • Free, such as for a complimentary discovery call
  • One-time pricing, such as paying in full for a package
  • Multiple recurring payments (possible when governed by an Offering Engagement)

Note that the 3rd option will appear only if you chose Engagement Template that entails an immediate invoice.


You'll note that there's the option to send an invoice receipt email to your new clients at the time of sign up.  This message is in addition to the Welcome email that you may have set, so it's up to you to determine whether it makes sense to have two emails going out.



Storing Cards on File

It's possible to store customer cards on file for future transactions IF you're using Stripe or Square for your online payment processor.  In that case, you can choose to either store the client's credit card, or allow the client to choose whether the card should be stored for future purposes. You as coach are responsible for properly informing the client if you're storing their cards for future automatic billing.

What about taxes for when someone purchases an Offering?

The pricing for Offerings support only a single price, and as such there is no way to indicate tax portions of Offerings prices.
However if you need to have taxes broken out as part of the invoices that are generated by people purchasing them, there is a workaround, and that is to have the price of an Offering governed by an Engagement that is part of it.  This happens whenever an Offering entails an Engagement, the template for which implies an immediate invoice (i.e. that third option shown above).
If you create a special-purpose Engagement Template for just this purpose to tie to a given Offering, you can define whatever line items AND a tax amount in that Engagement's Invoicing Plan, and that is how the invoice for the Offering will be generated.