Metric Reminders

One challenge in coaching is getting clients to follow through with plans between sessions. Measuring progress is often a point of failure, and minimizing that failure is a win. To this end, make sure to set Reminders for a Metric. Reminders are regular emails or text messages that enable tracking without requiring a login to the system. They're a prime example of using software to make less work for clients, not more. Reminders turn tedious data entry into a quick task and tell the client that this Metric is important and that someone cares about the result. 

Both you and your client can set or modify reminders for the Metric or Metrics you are working on.  When turned on, you'll see the following options:
screen_shot_2021-10-28_at_4.20.38_pm.pngThe main deciding aspect when reminders are sent is the frequency at which you're tracking your Metric.  Sometimes you'll be tracking on a daily basis.  Sometimes it will be a work thing and so appropriate only on weekdays.  Some are longer range, calling for a number on a weekly or even just monthly basis.

Most commonly you'll want a reminder to be sent to you on the days when a data point is called for, which makes the "on days when a value should be entered" option perfect.  In some instances (often when you're tracking a Metric on an arbitrary basis), the second option will be useful, to have the system to prompt you only every X days.

You can decide which time of day you would like the reminder sent, and if you're in the US or Canada and have entered your cell phone in your profile in the My Account page, you have the option to receive reminders via text or email (otherwise email is the default option).

Responding to Reminders to Report Your Numbers

The real beauty of Reminders for your Metrics is that they afford the client the opportunity to easily report a number--no logging in required.

Reporting via Email

If you opt for email reminders, the client can simply reply with the number for that date plus an optional comment about the result.  Leaving a comment is highly recommended.

Reporting via Text

Reporting your numbers via text is very similar to replying to email reminders, save for one gotcha: you can only reply to the most recent text that was sent. So if your client has 3 metrics and the reminders all fire off via text at, say, 7pm, the system will think that any reply your client sends applies only to the third one.

To get around this you can stagger the reminders in time, sending at, say, 7pm, 7:10pm, and 7:20pm. If your client has an email-enabled phone, your best option may be to simply choose email reminders, allowing the freedom to reply to each at their own pace and in any order.