Pre- and Post- Appointment Worksheets

You can have a Worksheet automatically assigned to a client before and/or after your Appointment.


This is done through each specific Appointment Type


Create the Template

The first step is to make a suitable Worksheet Template (done under Library >> Worksheet Templates). We have two pre-built versions available for you, which you can use as-is, edit to your liking, or you can start fresh. 



(This is an example of a Form Based Worksheet.  Form Based worksheets allow you to create different form fields for the client to fill in, and require an answer if desired)


Link the Template

Once your Worksheet Template is ready, you can associate it with one of your Appointment Types.  Do this under Settings >> Appointment Config >> Appointment Types, and click on the Appointment Type in question to edit.


Tick the boxes for "Assign a pre-worksheet with this appointment..." and/or "Assign a post-worksheet with this appointment...". Then set when the Worksheets should go out, and when they should be due, relative to the time and date of the appointment itself.


From there it works just as you would expect: any appointments you (or your clients) schedule of this type will have the worksheets sent out to your client, putting them one click away from filling it out.  


The system sends clients an email the moment the worksheet is assigned, with a magic link that puts them one click away from working on it.