Adding New Coaches

Here's a short video showing how to add a team member:
To add a new coach or admin, head to your Team Administration page, then the Team Members tab. From there, the plus button next to the Team Members tab or click + Team Member.

Fill out first and last name, email, choose the role, pronoun, and time zone. You have the option of sending the new coach an invite to CoachAccountable immediately. You can hold off though and invite them later. This gives you the opportunity to set up the new coach's pairing and permissions.

Note that you'd do this to add admin-only users to the team as well, or users that only have view-only access. Permissions lets you define exactly what a user can or can't do in CoachAccountable.

And as a reminder, you're allowed to add an unlimited number of coaches to your team. The billing level is dependent on clients only, not coaches.

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