Reviewing Agreements

You and the client are both able to see all previous Agreements, including when they were accepted by the client.

Viewing as Coach

As coach, you'll find client Agreements in either of two locations:
  1. Agreements for all clients can be found in your Business Center (accessed by clicking the Briefcase icon in the left side menu)
  2. Agreements for a given client can be found in that client's Client Manager (accessed by clicking that clients gear icon in the Clients listing) >> Agreements.  

In the Client Manager Agreements listing, the note under each Agreement will indicate its status: Issued (not yet agreed to), or Agreed, as well as the date. These are listed in chronological order, with the most recent at the top.

Viewing for Your Clients

Your clients will find the record of their agreements with you by clicking on their name in the upper right >> My Account >> My Agreement(s).
When viewing the completed agreement, both you and the client will see the date and time at which it was completed, as well as the client's IP address at the time of signing.

You can print a copy of the Agreement by clicking the printer icon in the bottom left.