Happenings Reports

Happenings Reports are email summaries of client activity that get sent to you, your client, or a third party on a regular basis. They're useful because they allow you to see what a client has been up to without logging into the system.

To create a Happenings Report, head to the Settings >> My Style >> Happenings Reports, then click +Happenings Report
You can set them up in four ways:

Happenings Reports for You, as Coach

By configuring a report to go to yourself as coach, you can get a quick digest of what’s happening with any or all of your clients at regular intervals, without needing to log in and look into individual clients.  This summary enables you to be even more on top of how things are going, and allows you to be more proactive with your support.

If you coach your clients on a regularly schedule basis, you can configure a series of Happenings Reports, each covering a single client and each to be delivered to your email inbox right before the respective appointments–perfect for getting up to speed just in time if logging in that moment isn’t convenient.

Happenings Reports for Your Clients

By configuring reports for your clients, you can give them a summary of all coaching happenings at regular intervals. This can serve either as a nice tangible record of progress and accomplishments, or as a tidy reminder to keep up with outstanding actions, complete outstanding assignments, and be mindful to cause and track results for current Metrics.

Happenings Reports for Third Parties

The record of your coaching relationships in CoachAccountable is generally shared only between you and your clients, but in many scenarios it is desirable (or even necessary) to give third parties a window into client progress as it unfolds.  By configuring reports for third parties these designated recipients can be automatically kept abreast of progress and coaching results on a regular basis.

This is perfect for when the person hiring you is not your coaching client but someone else, someone to whom you are responsible for producing results with your coaching clients.

Happenings Reports for Company Personnel (maybe)

If those third parties want more direct access to what clients are doing, you may want to consider using Companies. That way the third party person will have their own login and access to whatever you provide about that client, instead of a passively received Happenings Report. 

You can also set up a Company Happenings Report, which can be automatically sent to one or more Company Personnel.

Note that you will not see company personnel as an option in the "send to" selection unless you have set the "report on" section to "clients from one or more Companies". This option will only show if you've enabled Companies.


The controls for setting up a Happenings Report offer flexibility to handle numerous and varied scenarios.  Here are some examples:
  • Send only Metrics for certain clients to HR on the first of every month.
  • Give each of your clients an end-of-week summary of Actions for them to keep up with.
  • Send yourself the complete details on a particular client every Tuesday at 10:45, just prior to their weekly session.
Here’s what one looks like in your email inbox:
Client and coach alike can make comments on any item in a Happenings Report via email simply by clicking on the little comment icon next to it. Comments sent via email this way are captured in the system as Stream Item Comments, and forwarded on to the other party as usual.

You can configure as many Happenings Reports as you like, each on their own schedule, covering their own set of clients and item types, and sending to their own recipient or recipients.

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