Resource Packages

Resource packages allow you to equip other coaches with your coaching resources. 

A couple of scenarios in which this might be useful:
  • Finding Additional Resources From CoachAccountable. When you signed up, you automatically received some resources from us. We’ve provided even more content and templates for you in these packages.
  • Licensing Your Coaching Material. Many coaches start expanding their business by teaching other coaches their methods, with the additional value-add of providing templates to those other coaches. Using Resource Packages, you can give other coaches your Courses, Worksheets, Agreements, and more with just a couple of clicks – and provide that package only for coaches who have paid your licensing fee. This is an easy way to sell your well-tested coaching tools.
  • Related Coach Accounts. Smaller teams often vacillate between setting up with two single coach accounts or a Team Edition account (more on how to make that choice here). Now, those who choose two single coach accounts can replicate their resources and save time. As long as you don’t overlap clients, this is an easy solution.
  • Coaches With Two Accounts. Some coaches use two separate accounts, for reasons like varied tax law with international clients, using two different coaching brands, or doing two different types of coaching (i.e. business vs. relationship). However, some of the materials used to apply to both accounts.
  • Franchises. We’ve heard from franchise businesses that getting new franchisees set up quickly is key to their success. Corporate-sanctioned tools at their fingertips right away can help get new business owners inspired and active.
  • Referrals. If you’re someone who refers CoachAccountable to other coaches in your industry, giving them materials to start with can help solidify their staying with us (and thus your earned percentage from their monthly payment to us).
These packages make it simple to franchise or license your coaching methods.

Looking to install the packages we've provided for you? Go to Settings >> Resource Packages >> Installable Packages.

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