Group Basics

Here you'll set the basic options for your group.



Group Name

The name of this group; fairly straightforward. Choose something easy to distinguish from your other groups.

Email Subject Prefix

In order to help you and your clients organize emails related to this group, you may have the system set a standard prefix to the subject line of all group emails sent. Here's what one would look like in a client's inbox (note the difference between the message sent from the group, and one not sent from the group).
If you don't want emails from the group to have a particular prefix, leave this blank.

Add Ons

Here you can choose to enable two add ons to the group:

Group Action Projects are a way to do project management with a group: a set of actions all pertaining to one larger goal, where each person has their own piece of the puzzle to get done. More on Group Action Projects here.

Group Whiteboards are a place where a group can collaborate on one document together, great for brainstorming.