Syncing Google to Multiple CA Accounts

Google only allows a single sync connection to a given app.  If you have multiple CoachAccountable accounts, this can be problematic!  Specifically, if you have one CA account synced to your Google Calendar, and then sync a different CA account to that same Google account, Google will sever the first sync connection.

Fortunately there's a nice workaround: merging multiple CA accounts under the same username.  Calendar sync connections follow the user, and so a single calendar connection under a single username can service sync operations from a multitude of CA accounts (e.g. your own personal coaching account and your coaching account with a larger organization).

Accounts merged under the same username means a single login will allow you to access each account.  The only constraint is that the user-level details are shared among accounts, meaning your email address, avatar, name and contact info must be identical between the merged accounts.

If that constraint works for you, then merging is a great idea both for the convenience of a single login AND to have a single Google calendar sync serve both.

To merge your accounts, first make sure the email address in each are identical to one another.  Then drop us a line at support@coachaccountable from the email requesting a merge, letting us know which username you'd like to keep going forward.