If you only ever work with/are hired by individuals, you can probably ignore this.

But if organizations hire you to work with one or more individuals, Companies are for you.

With Companies, you can:
  • Organize your individual clients by company
  • Invite Company Personnel to have their own accounts within the the system
  • Invoice the organization, rather than the individuals you are coaching
Generally speaking, Companies are the solution for doing business with an entity that isn’t strictly the individual (or individuals) being coached.  Beyond conventional companies, this can include scenarios like being hired by parents to work with their children.

Setting up Companies

Companies aren’t relevant for all coaches, so these are by default turned off.  To get started visit the My Account page >> Add Ons and enable Companies:
Once enabled, you’ll have the new Companies tab, either on your home dashboard page (for single coach accounts) or on the team administration page (for team accounts):
Add Companies by clicking the +Company button, or the (+) in the left menu.

Once a Company is added added, you can tie your clients to your companies and invoice your companies directly.

From your Active Companies listing, clicking on a given company takes you to the respective Company Page:


Here you can add and invite Company Personnel: people affiliated with the Company who are not being coached.


The client listing on a given Company Page is pared down to those from that company, and appointments and reports are filtered along the same lines.

Other client lists, like for a given coach or for an entire Team Edition account, show company affiliations with the company’s logo.  Filter your client listing to only include a particular company by searching for the company’s name.


You can set Engagements to invoice the Company and divide up the number of purchased coaching hours/sessions with Company Engagements.


This lists the Appointments only for this particular Company.


Find the Company-specific reports here. You can choose to give various Personnel access to these reports if desired, too.

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