Company Happenings Reports

Companies allow another handy ways to segment your clients along company lines,  by virtue of Happenings Reports.

You can create Happenings Reports configured to include the clients in one or more companies.

If you choose to report on clients from exactly 1 company, you’ll have the option to have the report sent to personnel from that company.

A Note on Maintaining Proper Access

For Team Edition accounts, note that proper visibility into clients is always maintained based on who a given team member is allowed to see.

For example, Acme Co. has clients A, B and C.  If a team member is only allowed to see clients A and B, rest assured that a Happenings Reports created by that team member on the clients for Acme Co. will NOT contain all clients from Acme Co., but rather ONLY those that are visible to that team member (i.e. clients A and B).