Whiteboard Notifications

If you're looking for notifications that pertain specifically to Whiteboards, they don't exist, and here's why:

Unlike Actions and Worksheets (which have a clear concept of what it is to be "done"), Whiteboards are meant to be evergreen, always ready for the next round of edits or additions.

So there's no clear sense of when or even if it would be appropriate to send a notification about a Whiteboard.
  • When it's first created?  It's going to be blank.
  • When the author hits the "Save" button?  That could be a lot of notifications.
  • After some period of time after the last save?  No way to tell when it's still a work in progress, and thus not yet fit for sending off.

Keeping Up to Date with a Happenings Report

So there's no clear cut time to sent a notification pertaining to a Whiteboard, but nevertheless there IS a nice way to keep in the loop about any work your clients do on them.

The trick is to set up a Happenings Report.

You can make a Happenings Report that happens to contain Whiteboards as part of what should be in there, and one such Happenings Report can be your de facto Whiteboard notification setup.

For example, if you make a Happenings Report that...
  • is set to send every day,
  • concerns all your clients,
  • is only to do with Whiteboards,
  • and is set to skip when there's nothing new...
THEN you can get a nice, daily digest of whatever new activity has occurred on the Whiteboards of your clients, but only on days when there was any such action.

And, of course, you're free to tailor it to whatever variation on that idea as you like.