Assigning Worksheets

Once you’ve got templates ready you can add an assignment for your client with just a few clicks. Choose a specific client, then click the (+) next to Worksheets, or click the + Worksheet button at the top right.
You’re presented with a number of options.  

First, the system invites you to pick (from among your templates) which Worksheet you’d like to assign.  You don’t strictly NEED to have any templates because you can always start with a blank Worksheet, but having them is a leg up: a serious shortcut when the assignment you’re about to give is one of your regulars. 

Click on "Start with a Blank" to show the dropdown of available Worksheet Templates from your Library. Or select "Start with a Blank" to start fresh. At any time if you decide you'd like to save a new Worksheet to your templates after all, tick the box at the bottom for "Save this worksheet as one of my regular templates" and the system will add it to your Library.
When you pick a template, its contents load right in for you to see and, if needed, customize it to better fit this particular client.  This is the best of both worlds: you’re able to give an assignment quickly from your established collection AND you can tailor the assignment as warranted.

You can choose to assign the Worksheet immediately or schedule it for later.

Next, choose a due date and time for the Worksheet. If your client is in a different time zone than you, the system will show the client's time zone in a handy hint.

Add appropriate reminders for yourself and/or the client.

Click Assign and you’re done. 

Finally, you’re given the option to have CoachAccountable send your client a notification about the new assignment.  The notification message is pre-loaded from your email message templates (customizable under Settings >> System >> Message Templates >> Worksheet Notice) for convenience, and can be personalized to suit the situation.

The worksheet will appear in the Assigned section, for you to see and your clients to work on.  

Also, remember that as coach you can modify an outstanding assignment, including its due date and reminders.