Do clients who sign up via an Offering "count"?

Do prospective clients count toward my billing plan? Short answer: Yes.

Longer answer: The more prospective clients you have coming in, the more paying clients you’ll have (assuming you’re able to close a reasonable percentage of earnest prospects!). And, without a doubt, those who can see the actual coaching management portal you’re using are more likely to pay – they’ve gotten a tangible idea of what your coaching will look like, and they know it ain’t just a notebook and a phone call.

Our intent is that the clients you attract via Offerings are every bit as worth adding to your roster as those you add directly.

For some in depth strategy on how to reliably do this, we recommend the webinar titled Wowing Prospects Into Clients:

But what if they’re not?

If any of these “potentials” aren’t viable clients, you can, with just a few clicks, deactivate them at any time. This will preserve their data, so that if in a few months they decide to pursue coaching with you, their transition is seamless.

These clients only affect your subscription price IF they happen to bump you over your current plan’s limit.

At the end of the day, Offerings allow you not only to let your would-be clients book with you, but also to show off what sort of experience they’re really going to have working with you.

That they are full-fledged clients within your account is ultimately a good thing.