Reassigning Ownership

Like with other resources, Team Edition allows you to share Courses with the other coaches in your organization. Once a Course is shared, your coaches can then view and assign participants to that Course.

Sharing a Course does not allow your coaches to edit the Course. In order for another coach to edit a Course, that coach must be made the owner of that Course. By default, Courses are owned by their creator.  

To reassign ownership for your Course, find it in your Courses listing and click on it to load it into the right panel.

In that right panel you'll see the button to reassign ownership ( ).


Warning: If you DON'T see the reassign ownership button, it's because you lack the administrative privilege to reassign ownership of team resources.

Clicking the button brings up the Reassign Ownership dialog.  Simply choose the new owner, then click Change Owner to complete the reassignment:
Once you reassign ownership from yourself to another coach, you lose the ability to edit that particular Course UNLESS you retake ownership of the Course in the same manner.

There is one possible gotcha here, and the system will warn you of it whenever it applies: if you're giving away ownership of an item that is NOT marked as shared with the team, you will NOT be able to retake ownership of it.
So give away items that are private to the owner (i.e. NOT shared with the team) at your own risk!