Creating Freebies for your Coaches

Most coaches find freebie clients useful for two types of activities: testing out coaching material and self-coaching. As an administrator of a Team Edition account, you can set up the freebie client for your coaches so they can also do these things.  


A bonus to this is you can also train your coaches with their freebie client accounts! 


When you first create a new coach account, you’ll be presented with the Manage Team Member screen by which to further customize their permissions.  If you’ve opted for this team member to be a coach (rather than admin only), you’ll see the “Freebie Client” section as part of this manager screen:


Simply click the big button and it’ll be done.


To see the result, go to the team clients list and refresh. You’ll see the new client with the blue “freebie” banner.  This new client will be automatically paired with the original coach account, making it the perfect setup for that new coach to experiment.